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Living Room Rug Size Tips

Furniture On Rug Graphics Area Rug Size Guide

All Legs On

Create a unified look in your living room with an area rug large enough to accommodate all of your furniture. The key to styling your seating area on top of a large rug is to maintain at least a few inches of space beyond where your sofa and chairs sit. This helps organize the seating area and create distinction in the room.

Shop 10' X 14' Rugs

Front legs of furniture on rug graphic area rug size guide

Front Legs On

You can still create a cohesive look without the cost of a room size rug. If your seating configuration doesn’t allow for all your furniture to be placed on the rug, tuck it just under the front legs of your sofa and chairs to keep your seating area unified.

Shop 9' X 12' Rugs

All Furniture Legs off Rug

All Legs Off

While not usually recommended, sometimes small rugs can be a budget-friendly option and still add style and comfort to your living room. If you’re working with a smaller room, consider a small rug that floats in the center of your seating arrangement. So long as it is properly centered among your furniture, a smaller area rug will look intentional and well-styled.

Shop 6' x 9' Rugs

round rug graphic area rug size guide

Rule Breaker: Round Shape

For an unconventional option, choose a large round rug to distinguish your sitting area. Opt for a standard size that is large enough to accommodate all of your furniture with a few inches to spare, or at least large enough to accommodate the front legs of each piece.

Shop 12' X 12' Rugs

Dining Room Rug Size Tips

rectangular table graphic area rug size guide

Rectangular Dining Table

Rectangular dining tables look best over rectangular rugs. If there is a generous gap between the edges of the rug and your other dining room furniture, like a buffet or bar cart, then consider sizing up to get the most coverage possible under your dining chairs.

Shop Rectangular Rugs

Square Table graphic area rug size guide

Square Dining Table

Square dining tables are commonly paired with rectangular or square rugs to reinforce the overall silhouette of the table and room. However, if you’re looking for a more playful design, you can pair a square table with an oversized round rug for a bold look.

Shop Square Rugs

Round Dining Table graphic area rug size guide

Round Dining Table

Similar to square tables, round dining tables can be complemented by both square and round area rugs. A round rug works with the shape of your dining table to create a cohesive visual statement. If you want to create a look that’s unexpected, opt for a square rug.

Shop Round Rugs

dining room rug graphic area rug size guide

Rule Breaker: Room Shape

The shape of the room can help determine the rug shape you choose. If you’re working with a square room for instance, then a square rug will emphasize its shape and enhance the look of you room, regardless of the shape of your dining table.

Shop Square Rugs

Bedroom Rug Size Tips

Furniture on rug graphic area rug size guide

All Furniture On

If you’re working with a large master bedroom, consider a rug size large enough to fit your bed and both nightstands. For a larger room, an 8- by 10-foot rug is the perfect size to accommodate a queen-size bed and end tables.

Shop 8' X 10' Rugs

Just the Bed On

If you have attractive flooring but want to add more comfort, then tuck a 6- by 9-foot rug under the bed just up to the nightstands to provide soft cushioning where it matters most. Smaller rugs are more cost effective and won’t completely hide your beautiful flooring.

Shop 6' X 9' Rugs

rugs flanking bed graphic area rug size guide

Flanking the Bed

One great budget-friendly way to achieve the comfort of a larger rug is to place a runner rug on either side of the bed. Runner rugs and 2- by 3-foot rugs will give you the soft underfoot feel when getting in and out of bed for a fraction of the cost of a bigger rug size.

Shop 2' X 3' Rugs

Rug at foot of bed area rug size guide

Rule Breaker: Foot of the Bed

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, then you probably aren’t looking for a rug to provide comfort – but you can still get the style and panache of an area rug by placing it just under the foot of the bed. This technique can give you space in front of the bed to create a seating arrangement with accent chairs or a bench, adding more functionality to your room. Look for a 5- by 8-foot rug to achieve this contemporary look.

Shop 5' X 8'

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